I've decided to tell the future :DDD

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I've decided to tell the future :DDD

Post  China on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:11 pm

This is specifically the future of Alice, Cai, and Kori, 'cause I felt like it. Oh and also Teek and the other kingdoms. This is totally my opinion, not anyone else's. This is in like... ten years from the last post, and no one will probably read this cause the site's basically dead, sooo, yeah Very Happy
Oh, and it's a list, not an rp, sooo...enjoy!

1) Alice and Cai have one child, so far... Mika, another Neko Very Happy
2) Kori finished training and is currently the Head Knight, finally replacing Cai
3) The three kingdoms' attacks where totally useless; our kingdom survived and so did most of the knights fighting for us with the help of Moon, the wolf.
4) Teek married some other lady in HIS village and they lived happily ever after in their poofy kingdom of poofyness
5) That's all I got XD

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